• CASA's College and Career Readiness Program

    Program Overview

    CASA's College and Career Readiness program is designed to connect students to post-secondary opportunities including colleges and universities, trade and technical schools, military service, apprenticeships, or workforce training.  Students are provided with a variety of experiences which will help them decide on a successful career pathway that pursues lifelong learning and productive citizenship.  CASA's artistic and academic disciplines embed the Pennsylvania Career and Work Standards into their individual curriculums.  Additional activities are planned throughout the year to assist every student in developing an individualized career plan.  

    In accordance with state requirements, students are required to complete a minimum of eight activities which demonstrate College and Career Readiness by the end of their junior year.

    Career Pathways

    Each pathway is a broad grouping of careers that share similar characteristics and competencies.  Students will each select a primary and secondary pathway which most closely fits to potential career choices they are interested in exploring during their time at CASA.  Our staff members will use this information to help direct students to various opportunities to further explore this type of career pathway through field trips, job shadowing, post-secondary fairs, entrepreneurial experiences, and interview workshops.  CASA has developed a strong collaborative relationship with many businesses in downtown Harrisburg, as well as throughout Central Pennsylvania, which are utilized for these opportunities.  Our guidance counselor will also use a student's pathways to help direct them during the course selection process, to better prepare them for their post-secondary education and/or career.  Students will have the ability to modify their pathways as they grow and mature in their time at CASA.

    CASA uses the five pathway model.  Each pathway is also broken into different career clusters based on the various careers within each field.

    Arts and Communications Pathway - Developing students' knowledge, application, and aptitude for careers in artistic disciplines or mass communication. 

    Cluster Areas

    Performing Arts

    Visual Arts

    Publishing Arts

    Media and Mass Communciations

    Business, Finance, and Information Technology Pathway - Developing students' knowledge, application, and aptitude for careers in business, finance, or information services.

    Cluster Areas 

    Marketing, Sales, and Service


    Business Management

    Global Commerce

    Information Technology

    Engineering and Industrial Technology Pathway - Developing students' knowledge, application, and aptitude for careers in technologies related to design, development, installation, or management of physical systems.

    Cluster Areas

    Construction and Architecture


    Engineering and Engineering Technology

    Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

    Human Services Pathway - Developing students' knowledge, application, and aptitude for careers related to human and community needs.

    Cluster Areas

    Counseling and Personal Care


    Law, Public Safety, and Government

    Hospitality and Tourism

    Science and Health Pathway - Developing students' knowledge, application, and aptitude for careers related to scientific fields including health science, behavioral sciences, mathematics, and environmental science.

    Cluster Areas

    Health Science

    Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources

    Science, Technology, and Math


    Student Career Plan Resources

    Career Interests and Assessments - Students can use the links below to access resources to identify their personal strengths, interests, skills, and aptitudes related to the different career pathways and cluster areas.  These resources should be used to complete the first page of their Student Career Plan.

    NERIS Personality Type Explorer 

    Princeton Career Quiz

    Holland Types

    Career Clusters

    Career Exploration - Students can use the links below to access resources to explore different careers that would be appealing to each students based on their previously completed personal assessments.  Students will identify information about the requirements and skills of the careers they are interested in possibly persuing in the future.

    O*Net Online Occupation Search

    Occupational Outlook Handbook

    Career One Stop Occupation Profiles

    Post-Secondary Education Search

    Post-Secondary Opportunities - Students are encouraged to explore various post-secondary opportunities that they may wish to pursue after CASA.  During the spring, CASA will host various post-secondary opportunities during the lunch periods for students to get information about those schools/programs.  Students are also encouraged to visit schools/programs that do not come to CASA.  When students complete a post-secondary opportunity visit, they should complete the reflection questions below.

    Post-Secondary Opportunity Reflection Questions

    2019 Post-Secondary Opportunities Calendar

    Job Shadowing - All juniors will have the opportunity to participate in a job shadowing experience.  Students who wish to shadow will be responsible for completing the registration form and receive administrative approval for a shadowing experience outside the designated time frame.  After shadowing, students are required to complete the reflection sheet and write a thank you note to their shadowing host.  All information and forms are located below.

    Junior Shadow Day Information and Forms

    Field Trip/Master Class Experience - Students will have various opportunities in their academic and art classes to attend career-related field trips or master classes.  Students are also encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that Mrs. Rhinehart will share with students based on their pathway interests.  Some of these opportunities may occur on the weekends or during the summer.  Please see Mrs. Rhinehart to discuss these opportunities.  Reflection forms for these types of experiences are located below.

    Field Trip or Master Class Reflection

    Resume Writing Workshop - Students will have the opportunity to participate in a resume writing workshop.  Students will be guided by a community professional on how to create a professional, and eye-catching resume for potential employment.   Students can utilize resume templates, including the two examples below.

    Resume Template 1

    Resume Template 2

    If you would be interested in partnering with our school to provide one of these experiences, please contact Amanda Rhinehart at arhinehart@casa-arts.org.