• Advanced Placement Language and Composition 2020-2021

    This course description has been adapted from "AP Central" on the College Board website:  http://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-english-language-and-composition


    • This AP English Language and Composition course requires students to become skilled readers of prose written in a variety of rhetorical contexts and skilled writers who compose for a variety of purposes. Both their reading and their writing should make students aware of interactions among a writer’s purposes, reader expectations, and an author’s propositional content, as well as the genre conventions and the resources of language that contribute to effectiveness in writing.
    •  At the heart of this course is the reading of various texts. Reading facilitates informed citizenship and thus increases students’ capacity to enter into consequential conversations with others about meaningful issues. Also contributing to students’ informed citizenship is their ability to gather source materials representing particular conversations and then make their own reasonable and informed contributions to those conversations. Students’ ability to engage with outside sources in their reading, writing, and research is an important measure of their intellectual growth.
    • While writing represents a significant component of this course, the core skill required is the ability to read well. In reading another writer’s work, students must be able to address four fundamental questions about composition:
      • What is being said?
      • To whom is it being said?
      • How is it being said?
      • Why is it being said?
    • The answers to these questions inform students’ own composition processes as they learn to read like writers and write like readers. 
    Course Expectations:
    • Come to class fully prepared every day; no excuses. 
    • Effective time management. Yes, you are a teenager. Yes, you have a job. Yes, you have other classes and other work. Yes, you are involved in many activities inside and outside of CASA. Yes, you chose to enroll in an Advanced Placement course and as such, are required to meet higher expectations. Learn to manage your time effectively. (Yes, I am being snarky and no, I will not coddle you).
    • You will miss a significant amount of work on days you are absent. I strongly recommend emailing me or checking in with a classmate on any day you are absent so that you can be caught up on what you missed for when you return to class.
    • While a textbook will be provided to you by CASA, you are required to purchase the necessary novel(s) for this course. Why? Your reading will require significant annotation; this means writing in, highlighting in, and interacting with your book. As you cannot annotate in texts provided by the school, you must purchase your own.
    • Class time will be utilized for class discussion, writing assignments, skill development, and some minor test prep. Most reading will occur outside the classroom. Therefore, you should expect 1 hour of homework per night; 3-4 nights a week.
    • As this is a class focused on rhetoric; its effectiveness and ineffectiveness, you are required to participate. There will be multiple presentations (both individual and group). Sitting out or not participating is absolutely not an option for this course. If this does not sit well with you, drop this AP course immediately.
    • While you will take the AP Language and Composition Exam in May 2021, this is not a test prep course. It is the equivalent of an introductory, college-level rhetoric and writing course and will be taught as such. You will get out of this course exactly what you choose to put into it. 
    • You will respect the opinions of your classmates. You are obviously allowed to disagree, but you will do so in a thoughtful and academic manner.
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