Course Expectations



    1. Be on time!  Be in a seat and working on the warm-up when the bell rings.  Repetitive tardiness will result in detention.


    1. Be respectful!  Do not be disruptive.  Keep your hands to yourself.  Be polite and respectful when the teacher or classmates are speaking.


    1. Participate!  In order to learn a foreign language participation is key.  You must TRY to listen, read, write and SPEAK in the new language!  Do not sleep, work on assignments for other classes, or play with your phone in class.


    1. No electronics!  Cell phones and other electronics are not to be used/visible in class unless directed by the teacher during instructional time.


    ***Mutual respect amongst the teacher and the students will help maintain an enjoyable, productive learning environment. Students whose behavior disrupts our class, my teaching, or others’ learning will be assigned a teacher detention, and if this does not resolve the situation, parents will be contacted and if necessary, administrative referrals will follow.

    Course Syllabus

    French I Syllabus

    French chalkboard