Mathematics with Ms. Christ

    1.       The class syllabus and additional information can be found on my faculty page on the CASA website. 

    2.       I will be using Edmodo as my course management system where I will upload all files, and post all homework.  I will be going over all account information during the first week of school with all students. 

    3.       List of required supplies for Algebra:

    ·         Scientific Calculator (Graphing Calculator)

    ·         3-Ring Binder

    ·         Pencils, erasers, highlighters, colored pencils, scissors

    ·         Pocket Folder

    ·         Subject Notebook – (for note taking)

    ·         Lined paper – (for submitting assignments)

    4.       Any questions – please email me jchrist@casa-arts.org

    All students NEED to have a calculator for math class!!
    There are 2 calculators that I highly suggest... 
    1) TI-30X (less than $20) will suffice for most purposes
    2) TI-83/TI-84 plus (at least $50 on amazon/ebay) this calculator is OPTIMAL!! 
     Scientific   Graphing