• Extra Credit Assignments


    *** You may choose to do up to 20 points of extra credit per marking period!!! ***


    Up to 5 Points


    • Make a set of flashcards (at least 15) to study from using current vocabulary or grammar points
    • Make a poster with a French theme
    • Go to puzzlemaker.com and create a French puzzle using at least 10 current vocabulary words


    Up to 10 Points


    • Draw a cartoon and write the dialogues in French
    • Write a worksheet and answer key using current vocabulary or grammar
    • Bring in French food for the class to try. Explain the significance of it, and bring copies of the recipe to share (marmiton.com)
    • Make an illustrated French book, and write one sentence in French on each page (10 page minimum)
    • Investigate what English words we borrowed from French. Go to myvocabulary.com and click on word lists; choose foreign language/esl; choose words borrowed from French. Pick 10 words – look up their meanings – are they the same still as the French (les amis) or have we taken the word to mean something different (a false friend or un faux ami)?


    Up to 15 Points


    • Prepare a French meal for your family. Bring in the recipes, a picture of you cooking (or of your finished meal), and a note from a parent.
    • Learn a French song or dance and present it to the class.
    • Write and illustrate a French poem to share with the class.
    • Watch a French movie. Write a newspaper review of it to share with the class.
    • View an art display at a museum. Take pictures and write a description of or reaction to it to share with the class.


    Up to 20 Points


    • Make a scale model of a French monument
    • Write and perform a skit with at least one other French student. You can act it out live or film it to play for the class.
    • Research a French author, painter, composer, musician, actor, or other historical figure, and write a one-page report on them. Use at least three different sources in your research, and include a bibliography. Present your research briefly to the class.
    • Find a French article from a newspaper, magazine or the Internet. Complete the article summary sheet and attach it to the article (http://madamethomas.greenwich.wikispaces.net/Extra+Credit+-+Article+Summary)
    • Create an original song to teach a current vocabulary or grammar topic. Record your song or perform it live for the class.



    If you have an idea for an original extra credit assignment please see me!