• Welcome to World Literature with Ms. Flood!!

    Class Culture:

    Every person is valuable and unique. This is a class where we will be studying various cultures and ways of life. People and culture are diverse; embrace this diversity by learning and absorbing, rather than degrading or judging. In this classroom, everyone needs to feel safe to express themselves and experiment with learning with the freedom to fail. Respect your peers, respect yourself, and respect opinions that differ from your own by listening actively, responding kindly (or not at all), and offering to serve others in your educational community.



    Due September 5th

    ü  Composition Journal*

    ü  Three-ring binder with loose-leaf notebook paper*

    ü  3-5 Pens and/or Pencils

    ü  Highlighter

    ü  Independent Novel (Friday SSR)


    You are required to have a notebook AND a three-ring binder to organize your assignments and notes for this class only. If you are unable to get a binder, please contact me (in person or email) BEFORE Tuesday, September 5th , and I will provide you with one.


    You must divide your notebook into five sections: Notes, Vocabulary, Grammar (freshmen) OR Keystones (sophomores), Literature, and Composition.



    Your grade in World Literature will be calculated on some, if not all, the following components: Active Participation, Quizzes and Tests, Journal Checks, Vocabulary Study, Grammar Study, Keystone Study, General Homework, Socratic Seminars, Independent Reading, Papers, Presentations, Projects, Midterm/Final.


    I will update your grade in PowerSchool weekly. Please use PowerSchool to check your overall grade and your grades on individual assignments. If you forget your login codes, the office can supply them.



    Independent Novel Program

    As the saying goes, readers are leaders.  Students are expected to read one novel each quarter, independently from coursework. There is a small classroom library available for your perusal, or your local library. The novel will be of your own choosing, and it may be fiction or non-fiction, or any other sub-genre (school appropriate). Every FRIDAY will be SSR day.  


    Monday = Funday

    *For ninth graders, every Monday will be a Grammar Monday. We will review and practice the grammar concept in class for that day. You are required to complete the homework and bring it with you the following Friday so that we may review as a class. This helps with success in quality writing.


    *For tenth graders, every Monday will be a Vocabulary Monday. You will study 15 words a week, reviewing the words as a class on Monday and taking the vocab quiz on Friday. These quizzes will be worth 7.5 points each (a half point for each word). It is imperative that you take time to study outside of class (students in the past have found it helpful to make flashcards). 10th graders will also participate in Keystone Mondays. After the vocabulary review, students will practice answering Keystone style multiple choice and short answer questions. The English Keystone occurs in May in 10th grade, and has replaced PSSAs. This means that we will pause from regular curriculum, and preparation for this exam will take place in class.


    Classroom Procedures:


    Entering the Classroom, and Getting Ready for Class
    Enter the classroom quietly and look to right table for any handouts. Collect handouts and find your seat. Please look to the front board for your daily journal entry. Journals are daily prompts, questions, tasks, or pictures that require an individual, written response. They are checked every two-three weeks. Make sure to write down the date and follow the instructions of the prompt.

    During a lesson
    While I am teaching, take notes and follow along with the class. If you have a question, raise your hand, wait to be called upon, and ask. If you need a tissue, you do not need to ask permission to leave your seat to get one. Use your best judgement. You may not go to the restroom or anywhere else during a lesson unless it is an absolute emergency.

    Going to the restroom
    The best time for you to use the restroom is in between classes. You may not go to the restroom during instructional time unless it is an emergency. You may ask to go during independent or group work time. Ask for permission during the appropriate time, and if I permit you to leave, sign out on the clipboard at the back of the room, and take the bathroom pass.


    Traveling to “Mainland CASA”

    If the office calls for you to be dismissed, you need to visit the nurse, or you have a pass to visit the office for another reason, you must sign out, take the FOB, and be accompanied by a ‘buddy’ to travel through Strawberry Square. If you are being dismissed, you need two ‘buddies’ to ensure that no one crosses the square by themselves.  The buddies will be assigned by me. J


    Food Policy
    There will be absolutely NO FOOD OR DRINK permitted in the classroom, except water in a closed container. This is the same for all classes at CASA. Any open food or drink that is found in the classroom will be thrown away immediately.

    Tardy Policy
    You are excepted to be in the classroom and ready to get started with class at the time the class is scheduled to begin. Your third unexcused tardy will result in a lunch detention and phone call home.  Further tardiness will result in more severe disciplinary action. This policy is the same for all teachers. If you enter the classroom late, you must be quiet and not distract from the learning that is taking place. Wait until an appropriate time (independent work time, or a quiet task) to ask for missed announcements or handouts (located on the table to the right when you enter).

    Absentee Policy
    When you are absent it is your responsibility to get any notes and assignments that you missed. You will find a Missed Work Bin located in the back of the classroom with any handouts you may have missed. Please copy any missed notes from a friend. If you miss a test, you must schedule a time to make up this test with me. You have the same amount of time to make up the work as the time that you were excused. If you are at home, please feel free to check my teacher website.


    Late Work Policy


    Please check your student handbooks for the newly adopted Late Work Policy used in all CASA classes this year. Anything handed in late will be worth 75% of the original possible points. I will not accept late work once the unit has concluded. I will give you fair warning when closing out a unit.

    Cell Phone and Electronics Policy

    Cellphones are not permitted for use during class. The first time this is broken, a warning will be given. After the first time, the cell phone will be confiscated for the period. If you know that your phone may be a distraction, I will keep the phone in a safe location for you to get at the end of class. Listening to music on your phone/mp3/ipod during in-class writing is a privilege that will depend upon student productivity and self-control.

    Academic Honesty Policy

    All work that you submit must be yours. If it is discovered that you have plagiarized or copied work or information, you will be given a zero for that assignment and will face disciplinary action. This includes citing a quote and not providing the source for that quote.

    Ms. Flood’s Classroom Discipline Policy
    Failure to follow the classroom procedures and expectations will result in disciplinary action:

    Strike One: verbal warning

    Strike Two: written warning (email/phone call home)

    Strike Three: lunch detention

    After 3 Strikes: referral to the principal