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Carolyn Mills

9th and 10th Grade Creative Writing

9th and 10th Grade Creative Writing

Performance Poetry

The Art of Protest



Bachelor's of Art in English: Secondary Education, Grove City College

Master's of Education in Curriculum & Instruction, Grand Canyon University

English 7-12 Instructional II Teaching Certificate

This is Mrs. Mills' first year teaching at CASA. She is from Marysville, Pennsylvania. Her family includes her husband, Jason, and son, Brighton. In her free time, Mrs. Mills enjoys reading/writing, playing the piano, interior design, and event planning.

What brought you to CASA?

I enjoy the beauty of creative writing, music, design, and the arts. I appreciate that CASA is an innovate school that nurture's a student's creativity. I feel like my personal creativity will be fostered at CASA as not only an educator, but also as a writer and artist.


Where did you work and what was your role prior to coming to CASA?

Prior to coming to CASA, I taught in Cumberland Valley School District from 2007-2022 and also at a public charter school in South Carolina from 2004-2007. I had been teaching English, designing the curriculum, mentoring other teachers, and hosting student teachers. Since graduating from Grove City College in 2004, I taught World Literature, American Literature, Advanced Composition, and Language Arts.  I also started and advised a Creative Writing Club and a school newspaper while continuing to design the curriculum. Many of my students from Cumberland Valley School District were winners of the Scholastic Writing Competition and received other writing awards. 


What is your favorite part of working at CASA?

Being able to serve talented writing students in a small class size is truly a blessing I don't take for granted since I can give the students the writing feedback they deserve. I can create a much stronger creative learning environment at CASA so my students can find their voice as a creative writer.


What is your connection to the arts? How are you an artist?

I am a pianist, and my husband and I have written music together. I have also designed multiple curriculum books for English Language Arts, and I have written two nonfiction inspirational books and a poetry collection book. I also enjoy interior design and making things beautiful. 

What do you feel is your impact on our school community, students, and culture?

I want to make a lasting impact on my students by inspiring them to find their writing voice. I hope that my students will feel motivated and empowered to pursue their dreams and passions. 

What advice do you have for our students?

Right when you want to give up in the shifting sands of life, choose to rest in the waves of creativity.

Fun facts about Mrs. Mills:

Mrs. Mills will be advising the CASA Chronicles Newspaper club this school year for interested students.

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