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    CASA Nurse Ann Stillwater, M. Ed. RN CSN

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    As the full-time certified school nurse, Nurse Stillwater seeks to improve lifetime health for the CASA community. After providing school nursing care to thousands of students in Ohio and Pennsylvania since 1993,  Nurse Stillwater is thrilled to be able to connect with CASA's talented students. 

    Nurse Stillwater grew up in northeast Ohio, lived many other places, and moved to Harrisburg in 2004. Work at a summer camp, county health department, nursing homes, hospice, and a rural hospital provide a wide range of skills and knowlege to complement school nursing. 

    In addition to implementing the traditional school nursing services, Nurse Stillwater serves on the Student Assistance Program (SAP) team, the Pandemic team and the Caring Team, whose focus is Children's Grief Awareness Day.   

    Phone: 717-732-8450, ext. 7512

    Fax: 717-732-8451


    Please complete the "Before School Screening Checklist" with your student daily, the evening or morning before they come to school. As the checklist explains, keep students home if they have new symptoms that might be COVID.

    The Covid-19 Information webpage offers helpful resources for many dimensions of health.

    Medications at school

    If your student needs prescription or regular use of an over-the-counter medicine at school, have their health care provider complete the physician medication order form, found here and on the Parent/Student page of the website.  A new form is required each school year or anytime there is a change or discontinuation of the medication. We are implementing standing orders for the 2021-22 school year.  Then, only the parent/guardian signature on the Annual Health Update and Standing Order Medication Aurthorization form is needed to authorize occasional use of certain over-the-counter medications at school, such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen.  

    CASA Annual Health Update & Standing Orders 2021-2022

    Medication Order 2021-2022

    The State of Pennsylvania 11th grade Physical Exam and 12th grade Immunization requirements

    11th grade -a physical examination is required for all 11th grade students. Paperwork may be completed based on private examaminations done within one year prior to a student’s entry into 11th grade. This means that 10th grade students may have the form completed on examaminations done during 10th grade. If your student plans to get a driver's license learner's permit, PennDot requires a physical on their form. You can ask the health care provider to complete both examanination forms at the same time. If insurance coverage is an issue, please contact me for assistance. 

    12th grade-a meningitis vaccine is required BEFORE THE START of the school year, after the student is 16 years old. These are usually given at the 11th grade physical.

    The 11th grade physical examamination form can be found here and on the Parents/Students page of the website. The physical does not need to be on this form if the health care provider prefers to print one. It is wise to keep copies of medical paperwork at home.

    11th Grade Physical Form 

    Illness during the school day

    Students who are ill and wish to go home must go through the nurse.  If your student calls, please contact the nurse before having someone pick up your student.

    Keep the School Informed 

    Your student’s health and safety are very important to the entire CASA community.  

    We request that parents/guardians call, email, or visit the nursing office to report and discuss student health concerns. When the nurse is informed about a student's injury, illness, hospitalization, or surgery, it facilitates a smooth transition back to school.

    Please also inform the nurse of any life-threatening allergies, new medical diagnoses and serious conditions or injuries such as a sprain/broken bone that requires the use of crutches, the elevator or other mobility assistance 

    New life threatening food/bee sting/latex allergies, long term medications, diagnoses with or without medications/treatments, and sprains/broken bones are examples of situations that should be reported to the school nurse.

    If your student, or a close contact, has suspected or confirmed COVID-19, lice, ringworm, impetigo, conjunctivitis (pink eye), scabies, chicken pox, mumps, measles, influenza or another serious or vaccine-preventable disease, please notify Nurse Stillwater. 

    Concussions:  If your student sustains a concussion, please obtain a note from the health care provider that states a diagnosis of concussion.  There are accommodations that are made for students as they recover.  If recovery takes more than a month, the state’s Brain Steps specialist can be consulted for additional assistance.

    Nurse Stillwater will work with the student and family to ensure that medical needs are met at school, to maximize student health, resiliency, and educational time.

    The work day is 7:30-3:30, and Nurse Stillwater is most likely to be available for phone calls 8- 10:00 and 12:45-2:45 PM.  Feel free to call anytime and leave a message.  Substitute nurses are often at school only over lunch time.  

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