• Welcome to Mr. Shickley's virtual space. I know that this year will bring a unique set of challenges, and that it will not be the "normal" we all had hoped for.  This year I am here to support both the students and the families through navigating the hybrid educational model. Using either the virutal classroom above, or the links on the side, please do not hesistate to reach out to me, and explore the virtual space.  

    My name is Adam Shickley, I am a Special Education teacher at CASA.  While this is my 2nd year at CASA, this is my 13th year in education. I came to education following a career working with youth and families in a community setting. I discovered a passion working with children in my undergraduate program at Shippensburg University. I was majoring in Criminal Justice, and took an internship working in juvenile corrections. I pursued this path for 5 years working many of them in a school based setting.  I loved the school environment, and went back to school.  I attended West Virginia University and attained two Master's Degrees.  I currently hold a Master's in Special Education, and Literacy Instruction. 

    I am a certified as a Reading Specialist, in Special Education, and Social Studies. I have worked as an adjuct professor of Special Education for West Virginia University after my graduation for 4 years, preparing the next generation of teachers, and I have a passion for working with youth through coaching. I have found my perfect fit for me at CASA.  I was once asked what actor I would be an and why?  I answered with Hugh Jackman, "because he gets to be Wolverine and Jean Val Jean. I love the blend of acadmics and strong classical arts education.  I feel this will produce the most well rounded people possible. 

    I love all teaching and learning, and believe that curiosity and interest drive learners to be more successful. I am passionate about literacy, special education, and character education. I believe that through the classes that I teach, I can prepare students for a successful life beyond graduation. Education starts in the classroom but ends way beyond the walls of the school if you engage in it. I cannot wait to work with your child to make a brighter and more creative future.

    Should you need to reach me:  ashickley@casa-arts.org or 717-732-8450