Mr. Shickley



    -I have a temporary office phone set up -‪(717) 559-0636‬.  I can recieve voicemails at this phone number.  I can also call you from this number. 

    If you need assistance with anything. Feel free to reach out, and we can set up a time for a Zoom or Phone Call. 



    My name is Adam Shickley and I have a passion for education, I am so excited to bring my experiences with me to The Capital Area School for the Arts Charter School. I am currently a Special Education Teacher and Case Manager for CASA. 

    I have been a teacher for 11 years and with the IU for 6 of them most recently before coming the CASA.  I have two Master's Degrees in the area of Special Education and Literacy Education. I am currently a part-time faculty member at West Virginia University in Special Education, and I am on the Literacy Advisory Counsel for Literacy Education Department. I hold current certifications in Social Studies (7-12), Special Education (7-12) and Reading Specialist (PK-12). 

    I love all teaching and learning, and believe that curiosity and interest drive learners to be more successful. I am passionate about literacy, special education, and character education. I believe that through the classes that I teach, I can prepare students for a successful life beyond graduation. Education starts in the classroom but ends way beyond the walls of the school if you engage in it. I cannot wait to work with your child to make a brighter and more creative future.

    Should you need to reach me:  ashickley@casa-arts.org or 717-732-8450