Threat Assessment Team

    Act 44 requires all schools to develop a Threat Assessment Team that is responsible for “the assessment of and intervention with students whose behavior may indicate a threat to the safety of the student, other students, school employees, school facilities, the community, or others.” 

    The purpose of the team is to:

    1. Identify individuals/situations where behavior causes concern for violence and capacity to carry out a threat;
    2. Gather the most relevant information about the student’s communications and behaviors;
    3. Collect and share this relevant information in a lawful and ethical manner, including complying with relevant federal and state privacy laws;
    4. Assess the individuals/situations in context based on the totality of information available; and
    5. Identify strategies to prevent violence and mitigate impact of harm to the student, school, and/or community.

    Members of CASA’s Threat Assessment Team include:

    1. School Administrator(s)
    2. School Counselor
    3. School Nurse
    4. Classroom Teacher
    5. Special Education Teacher