•  CASA Visual Art
    Visual Art provides an introduction to philosophy of art; art criticism and art history, while art production classes in drawing, painting, and mixed media build knowledge and technical skill for creative artworks. Introduction to a variety of drawing and painting media, compositional techniques, color theory, critiques, and reflections upon the work provide skills needed to move from a realistic image to personal expression and significant meaning. Through study of the urban landscape, still lifes, and personally meaningful subject matter, students develop a strong foundation of observational skills and a portfolio of artworks for college reviews. The focus is on the individual development of each student’s personal style. Artwork displayed in local venues is used as a resource for study. Field trips and visiting artists provide connection to the real world of art. Students also exhibit their work and collaborate with their colleagues in other art areas.
    Please email Ms. Johnson at mjohnson@casa-arts.org for more information.