•  CASA Film and Video
    This course introduces the student to the creation of expressionistic and realistic video and film productions.  Students are given theoretical and practical experiences in traditional and state-of-the art video equipment.  Using digital video cameras and Adobe Premiere editing software, the students create short narrative, artistic, documentary, and music style films and videos.  The film and video department has an updated editing lab, which allows each student to edit independently on Adobe Premiere.  Emphasis on composition, camera angles, creative content, and effective editing allow the students to create a strong body of work.  They use this body of work to create a demo reel that can be shown during college visits, internships, job interviews, film festivals, and to friends and family.  Film and video students also collaborate with dance, music, theatre, visual art, and creative writing students to create film and video pieces for incorporation into live performances.
    Please email Mr. Corman at mcorman@casa-arts.org for more information.