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Amy Lane

Food Services



Associates Degree In Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY)
P2H (Power to the Hill) Community Voter Registration Volunteer

Ms. Frias has been at CASA for 5 years. She is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Her family includes her aunt and grandmother, who reside in Norristown, Pennsylvania. In her free time, Ms. Frias enjoys reading, cooking different meals she comes across on social media or at restaurants she has visited, painting, caring for her pets and attending church service and community events.

What brought you to CASA?

I applied to work for CASA to broaden my knowledge food service regulations and guidelines.


Where did you work and what was your role prior to coming to CASA?

Prior to becoming a CASA School employee, I resided in Upstate New York city, working in a small kitchen setting as an elementary cafeteria aide, and multiple fast paced kitchen positions for reputable dining restaurants. 


What is your favorite part of working at CASA?

My favorite part of working at CASA is the beyond amazing atmosphere created by the staff. The amount of support portrayed by the staff to the students makes it feel like more of a family than just a school..


What is your connection to the arts? How are you an artist?

Being from New York my connection to the arts was extremely limited. Woking at CASA has made me more fond of being creative and open to experience things such as theatre and art not presented to me as an option during my own school years. 

What do you feel is your impact on our school community, students, and culture?

The impact I believe I have at CASA school is to make students' lunch times feel socially safe and fun. Being relatable and ensuring a clean area to unwind and enjoy the brief time in between class periods.  

What advice do you have for our students?

Do not be shy to express what you are passionate about because of what the world may think. 

Fun fact about Ms. Frias:

I am bilingual in Spanish and also enjoy outdoor sports occasionally.

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