Liam Hicklin

9th-12th Grade Creative Writing



My name is Liam Hicklin, and I am the creative writing teacher at CASA. I have a BA in English and a Master's in Education from Shippensburg University. I have worked as a teacher in different capacities since 2005, first as a special education teacher in the Carlisle area, then as an English Literature teacher in a number of international schools in Central and West Java, Indonesia, and most recently as an emotional support teacher in Central Dauphin School District.

In all of the settings I've worked in, students have been the focus of my energy. I believe that the best way to reach people is to find ways to build relationships with them. This philosophy informs my approach to education. With the foundation of trust and respect that relationships foster, students demonstrate more engagement, curiosity, and investment in the education process. This is critical, especially for students who do not "love" being at school. Having connections with teachers who show interest in their lives makes school more palatable for students who otherwise might drift through.

That's one of the reasons I'm so excited to be working at CASA. Walking through the building, it is obvious how much the faculty and staff care for the students here. I'm excited to be working with such an amazing team, and am looking forward to fostering relationships with the students and their families.

I currently live in Harrisburg with my oldest son, a senior at CASA, and frequently travel to Baltimore where my partner Ryan lives. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and surfing.