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Monique Johnson

9th and 10th Grade Visual Arts

11th and 12th Grade Visual Arts

Introduction to Mixed Media

Painting on the Brink



Bachelor of Fine Arts, Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Master of Arts in Teaching,  Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Instructional One Professional Certificate

Teaching Certification in Art for PK-12 students

Ms. Johnson has been teaching at CASA for 5 years. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, and grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Her family includes her significant other, Vijay, and their newly adopted cat, Frida. In her free time, Ms. Johnson loves running outdoors, reading, listening to podcasts, and oil painting in her art studio.

What brought you to CASA?

I wanted to work at CASA because of its strong sense of community. What I’ve seen from the students in the past three years is truly inspiring, and in such a short time, the students have opened up and welcomed me into their lives. 


Where did you work and what was your role prior to coming to CASA?

Before coming to CASA, I was a student teacher in the high school art program at the Garrison Forest School in Owings Mills, Maryland. 

What is your favorite part of working at CASA?

I love guiding and supporting students daily as they discover their authentic selves and use their artistic voice with confidence and power. 

What is your connection to the arts? How are you an artist?

I am primarily a figurative painter, but I also love to work with antique materials to create mixed-media sculptures. Over the years, I have exhibited my work primarily in PA and MD. 

What do you feel is your impact on our school community, students, and culture?

I feel I positively impact our school community by providing my students with the artistic skills necessary to problem solve, persevere, and adapt to live purposeful lives. 

What advice do you have for our students?

Be curious! Ask questions and get excited about new artistic avenues as you create and innovate in your high school career. 

Fun facts about Ms. Johnson:

When I was young, I lived in Recife, Brazil. Before college, I was a dance teacher. My favorite class to teach was Tap.

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