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It is time to Pitch the Principals

Okay CASA Family! This is the event you have all been waiting for! It is our time to finally push Mr. Wendling and Mrs. Rhinehart over the edge!

This year, CASA is raising funds to help foster the potential of a child by providing them with a mentor. CASA is partnering to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters! Big Brothers Big Sisters (BBBS) provides mentorship to local children who may not have a close, caring, connection to an adult. BBBS aids in building relationships and fostering the potential of kids from all over our area.  

Now it is up to you, our CASA family, to lift up kids while watching Mr. Wendling, and Mrs. Rhinehart rappel 21-stories from the top of the Fulton Bank Building in downtown Harrisburg.  

On October 14, if we reach our goal of $2,000, the principals of CASA will take the drop!  

Each principal needs $1,000 in donations to drop from the top! Who gets volunteered first is up to you! When you donate, note which principal you want to donate to. With our CASA spirit, we are confident that we will be able to send them both over the edge and help a local organization at the same time.

Are you Team Wendling or Team Rhinehart? Maybe a little of both?

Click Here to make a donation today!

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