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Seniors of the Month

CASA Seniors of the Month for December, 2020 

Sophie Reusswig & Chloe Tubbs


Sophie Reusswig

Congratulations to CASA Senior of the Month for December - Sophie Reusswig

Sophie is a music student who has been attending CASA since 9th grade.  She comes to CASA from East Pennsboro SD.

At CASA, Sophie is a cast member of our spring musicals, serves as the Assistant Director, Fundraising Manager, and PR/Marketing Manager for our fall plays, and received CASA’s Spirit of the Theatre Honor for the 2018-19 Fall Play at the Apollo Awards.  Outside of CASA, she works as a leader at Camp Kiniya in Vermont every summer, and is frequently involved in regional and community theatre projects.

Sophie’s favorite CASA memory is working on CASA’s fall play production of The Bad Seed with Najuma Norman, the other Assistant Director for the show.  Her favorite artistic piece she performed at CASA was her role in last year’s spring musical, Fame.

In the future, Sophie plans to attend a college or university.

Sophie says that CASA has provided her a safe, creative space that she could not have had at any other high school.  She would like to thank those at CASA for the support and commitment everyone has given her over the years. 

Congratulations, Sophie!



Chloe Tubbs

Congratulations to CASA Senior of the Month for December – Chloe Tubbs

Chloe is a creative writing student who has been attending CASA since 9th grade.  She comes to CASA from Derry Township SD. 

At CASA, Chloe is a member of the Student Council and the National Honor Society for which she served as the secretary last year.  Outside of CASA, she dances at a local studio, volunteers at her church café, and works a part-time job at Freshido restaurant.

Chloe’s favorite CASA memories are the different field trips over the years.  She enjoyed travelling with her classmates while bonding over the new places and memories they made.  Her favorite artistic piece she created at CASA was the narrative prose work titled, “Ethereal” that she wrote for last year’s planned CASALive! show.

In the future, Chloe plans to attend Temple University to major in Advertising.

Chloe says that CASA has provided her a safe space to find herself and improve her writing.  She says, “CASA has given me a better understanding of the world and people around me.  I’ve learned how to be 100% authentically myself in an environment that allows me to do so, without judgment.”  She would like to thank everyone who supported her along her journey through CASA.  She would like to directly thank her family and friends who motivated and challenged her to do better in school and within her art form.  She would also like to thank all of her teachers who created a wonderful environment for the students, and genuinely care about not only teaching, but also creating impactful relationships.  Chloe’s final thoughts--“CASA was, by far, the best decision I’ve made.  I highly recommend going to CASA!”

Congratulations, Chloe!