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Fall Play


The Bad Seed

CASA is excited to present "The Bad Seed" at Gamut Theatre. "The Bad Seed" is a 1954 play by American playwright Maxwell Anderson. ‚ÄčThe play focuses on the seemingly perfect little girl Rhoda Penmark, who is able to charm her way into getting just about anything she wants. Anything, except a highly coveted penmanship medal that her teacher has awarded to Claude Daigle, one of Rhoda's classmates. During a school outing near the shore, Claude goes missing and it is soon discovered that Claude has drowned near a pier. Rhoda's mother, Christine, begins to suspect that Rhoda had something to do with the boy's death when she finds Claude's penmanship medal hidden in Rhoda's room.... You must attend CASA's production of "The Bad Seed" to see what happens next!

December 19 and 20 @ 7:00 p.m.

Gamut Theatre

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