Adam Shickley

Special Education


Adam Shickley is a 14-year Special Education teacher that works directly with the students at the Capital Area School for the Arts Charter School. Mr. Shickley is responsible for the day-to-day special education services provided to the students at CASA. 

Mr. Shickley is responsible for leading multi-disciplinary teams responsible for the evaluation, identification, and development of services for students with exceptional needs within the CASA community. Mr. Shickley has direct instructional, co-teaching, and case management responsibilities for the students at CASA. Mr. Shickley is also responsible for the identification, evaluation, and development of Section 504 Plans for students with medical needs and accommodation.

Mr. Shickley came to CASA with extensive prior work and educational experience in both the secondary and post-secondary educational fields. Mr. Shickley has had educational experience as a classroom teacher for the Capital Area Intermediate Unit.  During his time at the Intermediate Unit, Mr. Shickley taught Autism Support, Emotional Support, and was a teacher for the Capital Area Mental Health Program, a highly specialized classroom for students with unique mental health needs, and pre and post-crisis service needs to reintegrate into the classroom setting.  

Mr. Shickley obtained dual master's degrees from West Virginia University.  Upon the completion of these degrees, he was brought on as an adjunct professor for the university in their Special Education Department. His post-secondary teaching focused on co-teaching environments and educational technology integration in the classroom.  

Mr. Shickley currently holds a Pennsylvania Level II teaching certificate in Special Education, Social Studies, and is a Reading Specialist. 

Mr. Shickley's passion for the arts and education made for a perfect fit in his role at CASA. Should you or your student have any questions, feel free to reach out. 


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