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Students at CASA find many places to belong among students who share the same interests and hobbies. We offer a variety of student and faculty led clubs and extracurricular activities.

Clubs & Organizations

Students have the ability to lead new and existing clubs each year, along side faculty members. Clubs based on interests and hobbies. Organizations and Clubs such as Student Council, French Club, Activism Club, Karaoke Club, Dungeons and Dragons Club and more.

National Honor

Students having membership in local chapters of NHS is based on displaying and maintaining outstanding character, leadership, and service.  Members give their service and participate in projects each year in the school and in the community.


Winter Formal & Prom

CASA's Winter Formal and Prom are held each year, and is a fun time for students to celebrate school memories with their peers during dinner and dancing. Both events are organized by CASA's Student Council.

Field Trips

Students are able to attend field trips each year, such as the Renaissance Faire, the Holocaust Museum, the State Capitol, as well as trips to Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.


Master Classes

CASA offers master classes each year for all students. Students have the opportunity to listen to lectures, observe demonstrations, and participate in workshops with working artists in order to have a greater understanding and knowledge of the selected discipline. Students learn particularized skills such as comedy writing, paper sculpture and stage combat that supplement their core course work in their chosen arts concentration.  


The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts has partnered with CASA to offer E-sports through their brand-new Innovation Zone. This is a great opportunity for CASA students to engage in purposeful video gaming in STEAM learning.


Spirit Week

Spirit Week is a fun week at CASA for both students and staff.. Students get to dress in their themed costumes and varies each day from Superhero Day to Pajama Day to Spirit Wear Day, and more! It's a great time for students to express their creativity for each day.

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