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CASA’s Advisory Program is a school-wide program where students meet weekly with their assigned cohort and CASA advisor. Each advisory cohort is approximately 12-15 students representing all four grades (9-12). Advisory activities focus on social-emotional learning, as well as a range of academic and career-ready skills. Additionally, students and their advisor foster a community that values belonging, mentorship, and personal growth. The program can be summarized by its’ three overarching goals—

  • Provide students a time to practice and strengthen their knowledge and skills in a variety of areas including study skills, character development, and career readiness.

  • Provide students with a teacher advisor who will hold them accountable for their grades and behavior, provide them with support and mentorship as they learn new knowledge and skills during their time at CASA, and provide communication with their parent/guardian about their progress. 

  • Foster small communities within our larger school that provide students the opportunity to discuss important topics, enhance social-emotional learning, and develop positive peer and teacher relationships.

The advisory program is planned and organized by the following advisory committee members—Mrs. Amanda Rhinehart, Assistant Principal; Mrs. Erica Leonard, Social Studies Teacher; Ms. Sara Palmer, English and Mathematics Teacher; and, Nurse Ann Stillwater, School Nurse.

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