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Erica Leonard

U.S. Government

World History

A.P. United States History

American History

717-732-8450 x 7523 


Bachelor's of Art in History, Thiel College 

Master's of Art in Humanities, Penn State University 

Instructional II Social Studies (7-12)

Mrs. Leonard has been teaching at CASA for 8 years. She is originally from Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. Her family includes her husband, Greg; son, Maxwell; daughter, Esabella; and dog, Hank. In her free time, Mrs. Leonard enjoys reading historical fiction and non-fiction, hiking and other outdoor activities, exploring local history and Marvel movies.

What brought you to CASA?

I was seeking the opportunity to teach at the high school level in an environment that respected and supported the benefits of a liberal arts education.   


Where did you work and what was your role prior to coming to CASA?

Woodlawn Middle School in the Baltimore County Public School System. I was a 6th grade World Cultures teacher (2006-2007). 


Steelton-Highspire School District. I taught middle school Social Studies - Current Events, World Geography, and World History. I was a PBIS Coach, Team Leader, and I started the Roller Soccer Club (2007-2014).


What is your favorite part of working at CASA?

The supportive and encouraging environment.  

What is your connection to the arts? How are you an artist?

I think artists have a very important responsibility to call our attention to that which we have forgotten or overlooked. Through their art the artist reawakens us to the world in which we dwell. In doing this the artists helps us to be fully present. 

What do you feel is your impact on our school community, students, and culture?

I hope that I have taught and encouraged my students and the larger community to think more critically about the past through historical analysis and discourse. Practicing these critical thinking skills will transfer into civic life and help shape them into future leaders. 

What advice do you have for our students?

Take advantage of your opportunities, embrace the challenges that will come, and experience as much as you can. 

Fun fact about Mrs. Leonard:

I have had the opportunity to travel internationally with students and it was an exciting and special experience to share. I look forward to the day when international and educational travel abroad will return to the CASA family.  

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