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October 2023

John Ames.jpg

John Ames

Congratulations to October’s Senior of the Month, John Ames!

John is a film and video student who has been attending CASA since 9th grade. He comes to CASA from Susquehanna Township SD.

At CASA, John is a member of the Student Council, a member of National Honor Society, the founder and captain of the Dungeons and Dragons Club, and the Film class’s student representative for the Integrated Arts process. Outside of CASA, he participates in Kung Fu, competes in rifle target shooting competitions, and oversees the video streaming of his church’s services.

John’s favorite CASA memory is when he appeared on stage during last year’s CASALive! show. For the scene, he used a special camera setup to film the dancers to provide the audience with a unique perspective of their dance performance. He really enjoyed the experience and loved the final product. John’s favorite artistic piece he created was his junior year’s mid-year film, You're Never Gonna Believe This, about a couple of guys who go out to try to catch a sasquatch.

In the future, John plans to attend a college or university to acquire a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering.

John says that CASA has impacted his life providing him the opportunity to meet many great people who truly enjoyed working with and making art with. He would like to thank his teachers who have helped contribute to his learning and growth. He would also like to thank his peers and friends. He says, “I’ve had so much fun working with my peers at CASA! My fellow artists do nothing but enhance the art I make with them.” John is honored to be recognized as one of CASA’s Seniors of the Month, and is excited to see his peers be recognized for their achievements this year, too.

We are so proud of you, John!

September 2023

Natalie Twigg.JPG

Natalie Twigg

Congratulations to September’s Senior of the Month, Natalie Twigg!

Natalie is a visual art student who has been attending CASA since 9th grade. She comes to CASA from Cumberland Valley SD.

At CASA, Natalie is the President of the Student Council, a member of National Honor Society, and a Big with CASA’s Big Brothers Big Sisters program.  Natalie is also the student intern working with our underclassmen visual art class. Outside of CASA, she volunteers within her local arts community, babysits, and works part-time at her family’s restaurant.

Natalie’s favorite CASA memory is when the visual art class would get coffee together after a show and sit and talk on the Capitol lawn. Natalie’s favorite artistic piece she created was her junior year’s sustained investigation, Indigo & Yellow.  

In the future, Natalie plans to attend a college or university to pursue her BFA in Fine Arts.

Natalie says that CASA has impacted her life by allowing her to become a better collaborator, leader, and problem-solver, which are skills that she is incredibly grateful to have. She says, “At CASA, I am often pushed outside of my comfort zone and challenged to grow within a safe and loving community.” She would like to thank the staff members and her peers she has worked with at CASA during the past four years. She says, “The support and patience of the staff, to myself and my peers, has created an environment that has lead me to love my education and artistic development.”

We are so proud of you, Natalie!

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